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JKA Seminar with Headquarters Instructor Igarashi Sensei in October 2022 Berlin report

JKA Gasshuku with JKA Sohonbu Instructor Igarashi Sensei in Berlin Germany

It has been the great priviledge of JKA Shokukai Germany to welcome JKA Honbu instructor Igarashi Sensei for a two-day Gasshuku in Berlin from October 08 to 09, 2022.

Hosted by Shotokan Kyokai Berlin, 200 participants from all over Germany and Poland made their way to the German capital to practice under the guidance of Igarashi Sensei during his first Seminar in Europe.

Igarashi Sensei’s spirited and at the same time gracious instruction spurred the group to give their best and stay motivated through several demanding practice sessions. He put a special emphasis on Tachi Waza and the power that can be gained by combining the strength of the legs with superior balance. He pursued this theme throughout the weekend with a variety of challenging exercises.

On October 07 2022 Igarashi Sensei led a special session for the instructors of JKA Shokukai Ger-many. The instructors of JKA Shokukai Germany are committed to leading their students along the path of Budō according to the example and principles of the JKA Honbu Dojo. We owe our gratitude to Igarashi Sensei for demonstrating the spirit and meaning of those principles in a most impressive manner. The speed and precision of his Kihon, Kumite and Kata have inspired us all.

We are equally thankful for the opportunity to celebrate and share our thoughts with Igarashi Sensei after each day’s workout. Besides his invaluable instruction in the dojo, Sensei was also able to visit Berlin’s most famous landmarks and enjoy some of the highlights of the German, Spanish and Italian cusine it has to offer.

We look forward to hosting more events like this in the near future and hope for another opportunity to present JKA’s extrordinary Budō Karate and its outstanding instructors to practicioners in Ger-many very soon.

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